Tofu Saturdays

It’s Saturday today, hooray!!

I am feeling the positive vibes this weekend, my Saturday has gotten off to a good start. We went to the 1000 Steps this morning for a bit of a workout. It’s always so beautiful down Ferntree Gully way! This post is inspired by a cafe that I recently discovered in Belgrave called Earthly Pleasures – where we had just done the steps and then had some amazing scrambled tofu!

Now, i know when most people hear scrambled tofu they probably fall asleep, but hear me out – I went through a huge scrambled tofu phase in my vegan days, and it’s so easy and versatile! Tofu is super high in protein with 1/2 cup containing around 10 grams – and it’s also an excellent source of calcium too! By itself it is bland and boring, so it really is what you make of it. The one I had at Earthly Pleasures was packed full of fresh herbs, but you can add anything you like..this is my favourite way to make it…

1 x block of firm tofu (make sure it’s firm and not silken!)

1 x tsp of olive oil

1/2 x diced onion

1 x red capsicum – diced

1 x field mushroom – diced

2 x stalks of kale, finely shredded

1 x TBS tamari

1 x TBS nutritional yeast

Get your pan hot and add the oil, grab the tofu with your hands and give it a big squeeze! You want it to crumble in the pan.

Cook it for a couple of minutes until it started to get brown, then add the onion and cook for another couple of minutes.

Then throw in the rest of your veggies, it depends on how crunchy you like your veggies but I only cook it for another couple of minutes more to heat them through.

Stir through tamari and nutritional yeast.

Serve with sliced avocado and toast! We stopped off at a little farmer’s market on the way home from the steps and got this amazing French sourdough – yum!

tofu scramble