The Best Worst Situation

Today I am making the best of a bad situation. Negative: I lost my job. Positive: I have a potentially unlimited number of hours ahead of me to begin my new project. Result: first blog post!

I’ve been playing with the idea of a blog for a little while but, to be honest, there is something strangely terrifying about publishing written work to a mass of unknown people on the world wide web.

Anyway, so it begins; this little baby of mine is a culmination of good food, good nutrition and good eats around Melbourne. I’m soon to graduate from my Masters degree in human nutrition so thought it was about time I put it and my love of food to good use.

My most recent adventure took me to a little cafe in Malvern called Fergus. I knew this place was a winner when i realised i had been staring at the menu for 15 minutes madly trying to decide which option i was leaning towards the most. I love a good menu. See most of the time, the fewer options the better, because i am terribly indecisive. And as a vegetarian this usually isn’t a problem (the old 50/50 choice of pumpkin risotto or vegetable lasagne ring a bell?) but at Fergus this was not the case. i had plenty to choose from!

Long story short: quinoa pancakes with poached apples and mascarpone. Quinoa, that trendy little guy that no one knows how to pronounce (it’s keen-wa), is popping up everywhere – but this was the first time i’d seen it in pancakes, so i was pretty damn excited to say the least. I am not usually one to jump on the superfood bandwagon, but i do love my quinoa, pretty much because it is a complete protein, which means it contains all the essential amino acids we need. Complete sources of protein are usually animal based, so basically, quinoa is a vegetarian’s best friend 🙂

Anyway, who cares about quinoa – back to the pancakes: so they were delicious. I thought they would use flakes but the whole grain was used which gave them a nice texture. My favourite bit was the mascarpone (I won’t say anything about the nutrition profile of mascarpone because it’s pretty dismal) but gosh it’s tasty, especially when they use proper vanilla beans. yummmm.

Yeah i’m going back to this place soon, can you tell?

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