Next of Kin

This one was an accidental find. Kind of one of those bittersweet moments that force you to look on the bright side. I was only here because I may have destroyed the side panel of my car in a hurry to get to work…and the repair guy was a few hundred metres down the road…

Silver lining: I had a couple of hours to kill and discovered Next of Kin. Only a baby, these guys opened up three weeks ago, and things are looking good. I kept it pretty simple with a coffee and old reliable avo on toast. But my Noisette bread and 5 Senses coffee really kicked it up a notch. Gosh, good bread is under rated. This multi grain was satisfying.


I had a laugh to myself as my dish was served, and I admired the huge serving of perfectly ripe avocado on my plate. Only yesterday I was advising a client that one serving of fats and oils is a teaspoon of avocado. A teaspoon! I know, it makes me sad too. Ah well, things could be worse. I appreciated it whole-heartedly.



The menu is small but they offer a good selection. Crumpets with baked peach, citrus curd, aerated strawberry mascarpone, and roasted macadamias, anyone? Or how about spiced lamb shoulder tacos for my carnivorous friends? Service was very attentive and super sweet, lots of smiles all round. The sun was shining, why not? There appears to be a nice courtyard out the back too. Oh, and the car panel is good as new. Happy days. X

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Me, Myself & Avocado

MSB the other morning at Ripponlea Food & Wine made me think about avocado and how delicious it is…

I had my own generous serving of avocado, and then my acquaintance very kindly gave me his share too – not that I am complaining in the slightest – avocado is full of good monounsaturated fats and also really high in dietary fibre (who would have thought?!), and excellent for your cardiovascular health. BUT on this particular morning I was conscious of my energy intake for the day, (ie: oh god how many calories are in that?!) which is not the norm usually but was on my mind for some reason.

avo toast

So I was reading a journal article about the health benefits of avocado, because I was conscious that while very nutritious, they are pretty energy dense, so just something to be careful of if you’re watching your weight. Half an avocado has around 140 calories, and lets face it, when you go out for brekkie you usually get a bit more than half an avo! However, this thorough review mentioned a number of studies that have shown avocados to be helpful in a weight management diet plan. (Note: not as an additional fat source but as a replacement for something like margarine and oil) So swap your buttered toast for avocado on toast and happy days!

I guess it all balances out in the end, since avos are sitting pretty at $3.5 each these days I haven’t actually bought one in a looong time, so I’m happy to splurge when I’m out for brekkie! They will happily remain on my plate 🙂



A few of my favourite [avocado] things:

Avocado on toast with lemon and cracked pepper

Slice in half and scoop out the seed, pour in some balsamic vinegar and eat as is!

Avocado Chocolate Mousse – try it!!

Avocado and vegemite on toast with a poached egg



And then there is the momentous occasion when you find out you’ve picked the PERFECT AVOCADO. Like this one.


perfect avo

It’s always a gamble. You stand in Safeway giving each one a little squeeze. get through the tray, go back a second time, finally pick one. think about it a bit more. put it in your basket. get home, hold your breath and slice it in half. I’ve had a run of bad luck recently with mine being black on the inside 😦 But when you get it right it makes the tension alllll worth it.


avo smile

And just in case you didn’t believe me, avocado on toast has literally taken the breakfast world by storm. The Urbanlist has even got a Top 10 ranking! Check it out.

Ripponlea Food & Wine

Melbourne Sunday Brunch [MSB] in Ripponlea over the weekend. I’ve lived down the road for a year and never been to the Ripponlea Gardens, one day it will happen. For now, we can make do with Ripponlea Food & Wine.

Good all round breakfast menu, coffee was decent, food was good! I had multigrain with poached eggs, beetroot relish, avocado, goats cheese and dukkah. mmm can’t say no to dukkah (a spice mix made with sesame seeds, crushed nuts and cumin, just incase  you were wondering!).And I’m not usually a big fan of beetroot but this relish was good! Click here to check out the rest of their brekkie menu.

The interior was really rustic and service was lovely too. Eloquently described on their website as “eclectic ambience” which I would happily agree with. Good service is under rated these days. Coming from a hospitality background it’s so welcome to get a genuine smile!

My partner in crime had The Ripper, which is like their version of a big brekkie. It was impressive to say the least. Wait for it. Berkshire bacon – thyme buttered mushrooms – cherry tomatoes – smashed avo – poached eggs – sourdough toast – potato rosti. I heard it went down a treat.

I was also eyeing off their walnut and fig loaf with almond butter. But the angel on one shoulder won the battle and I kept right away from that gloriousness. I guess I have an excuse to go back now.



[I just realised that I don’t have any pretty pictures to show you. Apologies. I can’t bring myself to take photos of my food when I am out in public. Confidence issues. I’ll work on it.]


Hope everyone gets to enjoy a bit of sunshine today 🙂 xx

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