The Melbeanian: nothing too serious, just a light-hearted look at good food and nutrition. I’m nearing the end of my Masters in Human Nutrition, so I thought it was about time I put it to good use.

Good food to me is colourful, nourishing and exciting. It’s finding a vegetable at the market that you’ve never seen before and making something new. Or cooking for those around you and seeing them smile. It’s that feel-good sensation you get [or not] when you eat something green and leafy.

Green leaves aside – I like brunch-ing, too. Melbourne and brunch go hand in hand, and I feel a certain sense of duty to share this love to the world.

This blog is also now a part of the Recipe Redux network, the first online recipe challenge founded by registered dietitians. Keep an eye out for the regular monthly themes where we go a little crazy.


Enjoy x

recipe redux


2 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Carolyn, thank you, that’s great to hear – I’m looking forward to reading yours too! Your name does ring a bell from the discussion forum! All the best with the rest of your studies, I’m going to feel a bit lost when i graduate I think 🙂

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