Australia’s Healthy Weight Week

Get excited! It’s nearly here!

For those of you not involved in nutrition and dietetics, I guess you won’t partake in my excitement – but that’s ok, read on anyway. Australia’s Healthy Weight Week (AHWW) is run over February 16-22.

With many Australians aspiring to eat better in the New Year, the 2015 campaign aims to get people cooking at home more often. Research shows that people who prepare food at home are more likely to eat smaller portions and take in fewer kilojoules and less fat, salt and sugar. And in turn, this is more likely to result in a healthy weight.

AHWW has got a whole lot of fun stuff going on! Check out the website here for more info. There is free stuff too 🙂 Have a search for local events on near you, such as sample tastings at local health centres and nutrition seminars at sports clinics. There are events going on for most of February, not just this one week. There is a shiny new recipe ebook too. Unfortunately not covering many vegetarian options – but that’s why you come here, right?

Chef Callum Hann and APD Themis Chryssidis are the faces of AHWW, two inspiring healthy foodies who have created Sprout, a health-focused cooking school. What a fantastic idea! Maybe I will open one in Melbourne 😉

You can make an online pledge and get one step closer to those damn new years resolutions you made a few weeks ago (yeah, I made them too), or, just make an online pledge in the comments section below and entertain me instead!

The part I am most excited about is the cooking challenge. The aim is to cook everyday of AHWW, so 7 days of cooking all up. Get organised, write a plan, make a shopping list, and start cooking! Eating healthy is easy when you are making it yourself and have a little inspiration.



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