If you’re wondering how to say the title, think of the old banana ad with the ‘make your bodies sing’ tune – that’s what i had in mind.

Not that we really use the term granola in Australia, it’s more of an American thing. Think toasted muesli instead, it just doesn’t role off the tongue as easily, is all.

So I don’t eat toasted muesli at all really, ever. I like it but it’s so hard to find one that is not loaded with sugars and oil that I just stopped looking. And on those rare days when you go into an organic health food store and do find a half decent one, they charge you $20 for it. Don’t buy into the hype! It’s so simple to make at home, and you can put all your favourites in and not have to worry about picking out those annoying cranberries or pumpkin seeds 🙂 Just kidding, I love cranberries and pumpkin seeds!

Here is a version I made a couple of breakfasts ago. I’m not going to lie, I left it in the oven a bit too long and burnt it. But once I picked out the extra crispy bits, it was really, really tasty. You could leave it untoasted if you’re worried about the oil, but I used barely any so I wouldn’t worry!

This batch got me about three serves, and it didn’t last long. Serve it with milk and banana, or put it in a glass with berries and yoghurt. Tip: food in glasses always, always taste better 😉

Keep it in an airtight container if for some reason you don’t eat it all at once!


granola tray


Home made Granola

1 cup traditional rolled oats

1/4 cup sunflower and pumpkin seeds

1/4 cup dried fruit

1/4 cup coconut flakes

1 TBS honey

1 TBS coconut oil

a good pinch of salt

1 tsp cinnamon

Heat oven to 180C

Throw all of your dry ingredients into a big bowl and mix around.

Heat up your coconut oil until it’s liquified

Heat the honey a little too so it’s easier to pour

Pour the honey and oil over the dry ingredients and get your hands dirty

Make sure everything is mixed up

Spread it onto a baking paper lined tray

Bake in the oven for 10 minutes but watch it carefully!! You want it to be golden brown

Allow to cool before eating

granola glass

Like I said, this recipe is really adaptable, put what ever you like in it.

Almonds, pecans, dried figs, apricots, nutmeg, sultanas, dried mango, puffed grains, sesame seeds, chia, the list goes on!

If you are a fan of breakfast cereals and mueslis, then I really recommend giving it a try and making your own. Not only is it a lot cheaper, but you are getting a lot less sugar, fat and salt! Breakfast cereals are notorious for hidden ingredients, and a lot of the time people think they are choosing the healthy option, but it’s not so healthy at all. So: best option, make your own, or if  you still want to buy something, go for an untoasted natural version 🙂


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