Sierra Tango and their accidental french toast…

Today was accidental and unplanned and completely indulgent. Just went out for an innocent coffee, post-breakfast. Then thought I’d have a look at the menu purely out of curiosity. Fifteen minutes later I had this in front of me…





French toast with passionfruit curd. Ahhh yeah it tasted as good as it looks!


So there is a new place opened up in Cheltenham called Sierra Tango. And we thought we’d give it a go because it looks really lovely from the outside. They only do brunch on the weekend, which suits me just fine. And they have a fairly small menu, but what’s on there is good stuff. Pet hate … having to spend 20 minutes reading a menu back to front because there are two many things to choose from and everything sounds like a variation of the same thing! :/

The prices are a little bit steep for a regular MSB (especially for us poor student/partially unemployed successes), so I would save this place for dinner or maybe a special occasion brunch. But there were some really nice things to choose a quinoa bircher, spanish baked beans and a Ploughman’s platter. Take a look at their dinner menu here. Note: vegetarian friends out there, not a whole lot to choose from, but there are a couple of options!

Oh and you may have noticed that I took a photo of my food today? It was nerve racking. I only did it because I thought we were relatively alone in the corner (turns out we were not). Good practice, nonetheless.

All up, I’ve written about Sierra Tango a) because the french toast was decadent and I literally ate dessert for a (2nd) breakfast, and b) but more so because the service was so attentive. You can tell that it’s a family business that put a lot of love and care into what they are doing. So go and support local businesses and show ’em a little love!! It might be me cooking for you one day!

Sierra Tango on Urbanspoon


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